2017 ALTCS Income Limits

The 2017 ALTCS income limit for a single individual is $2,205.00.

The 2017 ALTCS income limit for a married couple is either $2,205.00 for the applicant (name on check rule), or $4,410.00 for both spouses (community property calculation).

ALTCS calculates income by a gross income test - not net income.
Not all income sources are treated equally by ALTCS, and some income sources may be not be countable in part or in full.

If the applicant's income exceeds the ALTCS limit for 2017, an Income Only Trust (also commonly known as a Miller's Trust) may be utilized in some circumstances. An Income-Only Trust that is properly established and meets ALTCS' criteria will be given special treatment.

Please call us at 480-400-9235 if your income exceeds the 2017 ALTCS limit, and you would like to determine if an Income-Only Trust will assist you in qualifying for ALTCS.