ALTCS Non-Financial & Medical Criteria

ALTCS Non-Financial Criteria

In addition to meeting the resource and income criteria to qualify for Arizona Long Term Care System Benefits "ALTCS", the applicant must also:

  • Be a citizen of the United States, or meet the criteria for non-citizen status;
  • Reside in an ALTCS eligible setting where services can be provided;
  • Be a resident of Arizona;
  • Must take all steps to obtain all sources of income to which they may be entitled;
  • Meet the medical eligibility criteria; and
  • More!

    ALTCS Medical Eligibility

    Medical eligibility for Arizona Long Term Care System benefits "ALTCS" is determined through a Preadmission Screening ("PAS") process.

    Generally, the PAS process is an evaluation completed by a registered nurse or social worker from ALTCS to determine whether the applicant is "at risk of institutionalization and requires care equal to that provided in a Nursing Facility".

    The PAS Assessor will request information regarding the following areas:

    General intake information: demographic, height, weight, etc.
    Functional Assessment: Activities of daily living ("ADLs"), communication and sensory abilities and continence;
    Emotional and Cognitive Function: orientation and behaviors; and
    Medical: Medical conditions and the impact on the Applicant's ability to independently perform activities of daily living, medications, treatments, allergies and diet.

    You should prepare for the PAS process, and it should not be taken lightly as it is an essential aspect of qualifying for ALTCS.